Let's tie the knot in Mississippi - because it was meant to be! Every corner of the world has its own signature music, art and literature, but Mississippi has a indepth cultural richness that most regions lack. Known as the “Birthplace of America’s Music,” Mississippi shaped the course of modern music with its contributions to blues, jazz, rock, country and gospel. It is a region alive and well, still the home to many legends in the making, and lending its inspiration to the soul of all forms of music today.

Much of the talent that Bandstand Entertainment has the pleasure of working with make regular performances in all parts of Mississippi catering private parties, church functions, social events as well as modern and classic wedding receptions.

So book your event with Bandstand today and let our performers bring the essence of over 25 years in Soul, Blues, Rock, and even Country to your special engagement. You and your guests are sure to be pleased and entertained!

Mississippi Wedding at The Oxford Center